We are excited that you have made the choice to share your knowledge on WhenHub Interface as an Expert. This document contains some guidelines and tips that you will find useful.

Becoming discoverable as an Expert

In order to be discovered via search on Interface you need to do the following:

1) INSTALLATION: Download the mobile or desktop edition of Interface from https://www.whenhub.com

2) SIGN IN: Create an account and sign in using Email authentication or Google/LinkedIn authentication. If using Email authentication, you won't be able to do much on the platform until you click the verification link that is emailed to you. If you don't find the link, look in your junk mail folder.

3) WALLET SETUP: Go to Settings > WHEN Wallet and follow the steps to create your wallet. You will be presented with a passphrase and asked to save it. Do NOT lose this passphrase.

4) EXPERT PROFILE: From the main app screen, go to "Be an Expert." This is the "Interface Expert" screen. Select "Update Profile" and complete your profile. If you signed in on mobile and prefer to do this on a desktop browser, you can. Just sign in at  https://www.whenhub.com, select your name top left and "My Account."

5) EXPERT SETTINGS: Return to the "Interface Expert" screen and enter one or more topics of expertise. Short topics are good. Long topics are bad (and will cause you to rank lower in search). Separate topics with commas. Give yourself a rating and select the currencies you wish to accept. Enter your hourly rate, then select "Continue."

6) GOING ONLINE: Review the terms and conditions, then select "Go Online." When you "Go Online" you are immediately discoverable in Interface search as being available for a call right now. You can select "Go Offline" if you don't wish to be available. You MUST "Go Online" at least once or your profile will not appear in search results. You can use your device as usual after going online...it isn't necessary for the Interface app to be in the foreground. If you are online and don't answer a call, you will be automatically placed offline.

7) SCHEDULED CALLS: If you wish to have fixed times that people book to speak with you, go to Settings > Schedule and add your availability time slots. You will be notified when someone books a slot and you can choose to accept or reject. If you accept, you are responsible for joining the call at the time/date using the link that will be provided upon acceptance.

8) EXPERT PROMOTION: It's a good idea to promote yourself so people can find and call you on Interface. To do this, sign in at  https://www.whenhub.com and search for yourself. Select your profile and scroll to the section "Share and Promote." You can use the links and images there on any website or email to promote yourself.

If you have any questions, please email support@whenhub.com