On WhenHub Interface, there is no verification process for the expertise of Experts. You describe your expertise in your profile and as you complete calls, you are rated by callers. If your ratings are good, you show up higher in search results. If your ratings are not good, then you appear lower in results and at some point, you will stop appearing in search results altogether.

In the app WHEN Wallet, you will see a verification link if you are an Expert. When you submit some information with this link, we check your profile for completeness (do you have a photo, do you have a headline, description etc.). We want to make sure that Experts appearing in search results have a complete profile. We also want to block users who are on the platform just to steal tokens. By using this simple verification process, we can validate that you are an actual human being who wants to share expertise and earn money and not just a bot or scammer trying to steal money from other people.