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Scheduled bookings how to

I'm not understanding the scheduling feature and how that works.  Here are the steps I do understand and can complete.

Expert creates scheduled blocks.

Caller makes a booking, and booking completed. Say 4:15 pm for 15min call duration.

Here is where my expectations aren't lining up.

1) The expert doesn't seem to receive any kind of alert that a booking was created, either prior to the booking, or at the scheduled booked time.

2) When the expert looks at bookings, (even after the caller has booked), the expert app shows no bookings available.

3) At the arranged time, (4:15) pm the app doesn't initiate the call or produce an alert for either the caller or the expert.  This doesn't seem to matter whether the expert is online or not, and whether the caller has a "subscribed" notification or not.

My reference points for testing ... let's call it the caller from the Windows app, and the expert from an ios app.

     I feel like I'm just missing the design of the picture here ... maybe it's just that the expert put's his availability out there ahead of time for the convenience of callers.  If so, why the booking from the callers side, and the bookings options to view under the "Hamburger" of the app screen (presumption-ally for the expert).  A little cook book step by step recipe might go a long ways to help me understand.  Thanks guys.

Here is the workflow that occurs:

1) When Caller makes a booking, Expert receives a notification and an email with the booking request.

2) Expert can "Accept" or "Deny" the request. If accepted, an entry is made for both parties in the Booking view.

3) You can select the booking at any time to add it to your calendar.

4) At the appointed time, select the link added to your calendar, or go directly into the app and select the booking, then choose "Join Interface."

5) Both parties are connected and can complete the Interface.

We modeled this similar to a meeting in Zoom/GoToMeeting etc. in order to not be overly intrusive. Once you have the Interface appointment in your calendar, your default calendar notifications will work as expected and you can join the meeting. 

I'll test the specific Windows => iOS scenario you reported and make sure it works and there isn't a bug. I'll also discuss notifications with our team.



Thanks Nik,

Now I know what to expect.  I'll post back any future findings.

Got back to this this morning.  I learned my Windows client was back leveled, so I installed the new client,  I simplified my testing and I still run into issues with even simple notifications.  I'm going to let things settle down a little bit in case things just got out of sync.  I didn't note the back level until after I started my testing this morning.

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