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Custom My Interface Names

We recently added an Expert search engine on our website, making it easy  for Experts to be discovered via standard web searches. Each Expert's  profile can be accessed using a short URL of the form  The portion of at the end of the URL is a random set of letters and  numbers by default. We'll add a feature so Experts can pay for one or  more custom names like Scott's making it easy for callers to instantly  reach them.

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Free profile building and  manipulation for consumers helps build site loyalty. Offer what seem like useless bells and whistles in this regard and people will use them. Many people escape online, ideally their IF identity will be the one they want to escape to the most, a second home where they feel totally comfortable. 

(Unrelated, can you skip the interface video use entirely by having a regular phone call route through IF, which connects to the expert, times the call and bills people accordingly? The users wouldn't have to connect to IF independently, the consumer places the call to an IF number, enters a code or number specific to the creator, and the creator's screen shows the call incoming. Some people who might call someone would never sit for a video chat, phones will work in places where bandwidth is limited, and for ongoing projects where experts are called repeatedly all day long, this would be simpler. Something akin to a 900 number where you control the access to experts).

i like pls advice. kindly thank

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