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Ecommerce for Experts

Many Experts may not be able to take calls as often they would like, but  they may have other content such as videos, PDF's or audio recordings  that may be of value to people seeking their expertise. Setting up an  ecommerce presence just for selling a couple of media assets is  inconvenient and impractical. We'll solve this problem by making it easy  for Experts to add premium downloads that Callers can securely pay for  and download right from the Expert's profile page.

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Excellent but consider looking at this not just as a convenience for creators - not just an alternative to 'IF direct' (excuse the jargon liberty please). If you promote it, it may generate more original content than IF direct. A promise to promote it heavily will also make it easier to sign up experts. They can get started earning immediately. Shorter, more specific videos would be easier to index and search for relevant content. You might find a massive market in being the go-to source for expert 'how to' videos. That's valuable expert info as well; it's all of a piece. Eventually someone will create the Expert Encyclopedia Galactica, where no censor or barrier exists between the expert and the individual. I have no idea if you're in the lead or the hindmost, but Scott A is a special person, so I bought When. Thank you for accepting ideas and feedback. 

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