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Why the huge fee to buy When tolkens?

The current price is around .04 but when you buy them the cost .07.


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Ive sent eth two transactions to 0xF4FE95603881D0e07954fD7605E0e9a916e42C44 and have not received my tokens hash are 0xbc57bbf6396d656b0b0a7fee91ca51db201f66468bf8fb3f4e54a686ea3e58c9 And hash 0x277ACCBa75f2363DddD44BE4105faA4a8a1Db6B1 it’s been days please help me sir

Not a good look. And Scott wonders why the price dropped. SAD!

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Well I understand I’m new to this and I’m just wanting my tokens Another thing I noticed when you send ETH to the contract address but then you check the price of the coins On a exchange you get way less

Rescan for token boys, give it some time and it will all be there. Don't panic. If you are afraid about the price, just sell it :) Now! ;)

Hey Nik, What happened to this? "will put a note on the page that states in summary what I have communicated above. We'll also increase the frequency of updates to the Smart Contract rates to daily" I just bought WHEN at 400% market price because the rates are over a month old. I have a pending ticket over 5 days old. I guess you no longer care if someone feels they've been scammed. Well because there was "fine print", right?
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