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Expertise input box too short on Android

 The "Expertise Topic" input box on the Android App has a limit of about 24 characters whereas the same input box on the Windows App allows for far more.

Personally I like having more space but it does make sense to limit this to one sentence. Perhaps 120 characters or so.

Hi Emil,

Thank you for brining this inconsistency to our attention. 

The purpose of the Expertise field is really to facilitate finding the expert. So think of it more like # tags. To provide more information about your expertise, please update the summary field in your profile.

Hi there While I appreciate the deliberate limitation to keep the expertise field concise, this makes taking calls very tedious and a huge time sink to use Interface. - My field of expertise is General Commercial Insurance —and legally can only be applied to people in the province of Ontario, Canada. - So if they are living or operating a business outside of Ontario, my expertise WOULD NOT apply both practically and legally. So my issue is I don’t have enough room to indicate “Ontario, Canada” and Commercial Insurance in the field. And for me, this likely means that there will be more time wasted screening calls, then proving expert service.

This is not a use case we considered. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We'll explore ways to make this convenient, possibly by introducing caller restrictions (which will be a more concrete way of constraining who can call).

 Love to comment on Google it.

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