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Hello, Hello, Hello... Does anybody work here?

 Chat back if you can read me....

I had a problem with setting up my wallet verification information and so far the ticket has been "in process" for well over 24hrs.

How do I buy WHEN tokens? I don’t see the link
in the apk there is a balance when it is but when d check on etherscan zero balance ...

Someone else reported the broken link and we fixed it. Thanks.


Hi Nik,

Looks like this issue is no longer relevant as the path to the broken page no longer exists.  Perhaps I just caught the system in the middle of an update.

Previously one would need to input some details to request verification so I tried the windows app, rather than typing a bunch of details on my phone, and the verification details link from the app to the web site was broken.



Hi Emil,

Verifications are done on a first-come, first-served basis giving priority to Experts who have earnings. The verification makes no difference to other users so it isn't a priority. It will take anywhere from 2-3 weeks for verification to be completed, but only a few days if you are an active Expert.



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